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[Shonen-ai] A boy is carried off to another world where he finds an amazing kingdom that is partially ruled by an interesting and attractive prince who appears to have a certain secret. Please read Right to Left!

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November 28th, 2007, 10:46 pm

End of Term!

Hello everyone!

I haven't updated due to certain circumstances.

I have decided that I will return after the semester has finished (so in 1 week).

I have so much to get done and need to concentrate XD So, once again, I apologize.

So, there will be no update this week, but next week there should be one!

Thank you so much for your patience!!

November 1st, 2007, 4:15 pm

Kingdom!! Back in Action!!

Hey everyone! It's been quite a while, but I have decided to continue Kingdom once again. For real this time =P

The updates will start next Thursday (November 8th) and I will continue to update with 1 or 2 pages every following Thursday.

Thank you for your patience! I am quite excited about starting up again! It's great to be back!

May 10th, 2007, 6:27 pm


Hey you guys! I know I've been gone forever and I really wish I had picked up earlier. I want to continue this sooo bad! So, why don't I, you ask.

I had just completed a new page for the site when I returned to where I had left it the next day and it was gone. Yes, I spent time on it and someone threw it out. Of course, no one is fessing up, so I guess I'll have to do it again *cries* and it was sooo goooooood.

I'll see what I can accomplish this weekend. Thank you for all your patience!!

November 27th, 2006, 2:34 pm


Hey guys! I have been sooooo busy! Wow, do I ever feel guilty T.T I am so sorry I haven't updated. The problem is that I only have the computer every other week because my mom has no internet and no computer, so when I switch weeks with my parents, I have to travel to find a computer XD

Anyways, enough complaining on my part. I apologize and will be updating this week!! er...tomorrow..!!

Love you all!


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